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J4 Fencing & Services LLC specializes in the design and construction of deer pens, high-fenced pens, and custom breeding pens to fit any operation size. With a great understanding of deer populations, we take every effort to create deer pen designs that offer a safe and functional environment for your stock. Striving for long-term customer satisfaction, we offer management services for breeding pens including consulting for feeding methods, semen collection, artificial insemination, supplies for deer pens, handling, transport, sales, and release.

It is extremely vital that exhaustive work is done to produce the best deer pen designs for the size and species of your stock, as well as your operations or breeding methods. Considering all factors including herd size, species type, fluidity, climate and weather, unwanted predators, and competing males, J4 Fencing & Services LLC will draw up detailed deer pen designs that will relieve stress from the animal population, as well as the owner. No matter how big your breeding operation is, we can build proper deer pens, alleys, gates, and perimeters that accommodate the natural environment of your breeder bucks and facilitate your handling needs.

Building durable high-fenced pens that ensure the safety of your breeder bucks and reproducing fawns is the most important aspect of having a successful deer breeding operation. A deer enclosure must relieve stress from the reproducing fawns to prevent hormonal imbalance and separate competing breeder bucks that can be a danger to the rest of the stock. Mist systems can also be installed to control insects and ensure a disease resistant herd. Once you have your permits and the right deer pens constructed, you can then focus on the real work of raising, handling, and breeding your population. J4 Fencing & Services LLC is glad to share our experience and knowledge of deer breeding and deer handling with you before, during, and after the construction of your deer breeding pens.

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