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Clay Wheeler – Birmingham, AL
In 2005, J4 Fencing & Services completed a high fence project for Clay Wheeler and his neighbor near Birmingham, Alabama. The fence line was prepared before the J4 crew arrived to install the 8’ game fence in the sandy AL soil.

Blake Masingill – Shorter, AL
Mr. Masingill cleaned and prepared his own right of way. In 2006, J4 flew to AL to look at the project and finalize the bid. Once on site, the J4 crew installed 4.35 miles of green wire game fence. J4 finished on time providing Mr. Masingill with a great galvanized game fence that he will be able to enjoy for generations to come.


Clay Wheeler, US Fence, David Hinds – Cherokee Village, AR
J4 Fencing & Services was subbed out by US Fence, a chain link installer, to build a 10’ high deer fence around the airport at Cherokee Village, AR. In the Summer of 2007, the crew stayed near by and worked 7 days a week until they completed the project. Both the custmer and the general contractor of US Fence were happy with the completion of the project


Frank Walker – Destin, FL
In 2005, Mr. Walker needed a contractor to install 1.75 miles of game fence on his ranch just north of Destin, FL. We designed the project and confirmed the bid before arrival. We went to FL and built the fence in about 6 days. The customer was happy to have the project completed so quickly.


Jack Murray – near Americaus, GA
J4 Fencing & Services went to Mr. Murray’s ranch to help him with his 2 mile high fence project. The project included high fence and water gaps.

Marty Harrell – Camilla, GA
Cuatro took a flight to Georgia to meet Mr. Harrell. At the ranch, we looked at challenges like crossing a deep water area, creek crossings and staking the fence line. The J4 crew moved in and built the 5.3 miles of high deer fence right and on time. A crew went back to the Harrell farm to add predator apron to the fence later that year.


Clay Wheeler – Birmingham, AL
In 2005, J4 Fencing & Services completed a high fence project for Clay Wheeler and his neighbor near Birmingham, Alabama. The fence line was prepared before the J4 crew arrived to install the 8’ game fence in the sandy AL soil.

Grant Woods – Exter, MO
Bioloigst Grant Woods bought the old JB Hunt Ranch, which needed some fence repairs. He contracted J4 Fencing & Servic es to add some high deer fence and build watergaps on the ranch. The J4 crew completed the project in less than a week.

Eagle Sky of the Ozarks – Patterson, MO
Cuatro and J4 Fencing & Services flew out to this camp to view the property and confirm the bid with ranch manager Bill Winner in 2010. The J4 crew went to the ranch, met the material truck, and started working. The crew had to do some rock drilling before installing 5 miles of high game fence. Work at the Eagle Sky Christian Camp went well and the crew finished about a week early.


Pine Springs Ranch – Atoka, OK
Cuatro went to Atoka to visit the ranch. The grounds there were very rocky and had a few challenges, but none that the J4 crew could not handle. The combination of a rock drill and a pipe driver was used to install the 10+ miles of 8’ game fence in the Summer of 2008.

Canadian River Ranch – Eufaula, OK
J4 Fencing & Services went to view the ranch with owner, Daryl Smith, in the Fall of 2008. He needed about 31.25 miles of high game fence. There were many bidders on the project but J4 recived the contract. There were many challenges in the construction of the high fence. The area was very wet and had many miles of rocky area. Numerous water gaps were in place to cross creeks and the large project needed lots of material brought in. J4 installed the fence and made an additional great customer relationship.

Lone Tree Ranch – Henrietta, OK
Ranch owner, Paul Boman, needed 5 miles of game fence in Summer 2010. This ranch operates to take our Returning Heros from the armed forces hunting when they return from overseas. J4 built the fence for the ranch which had a few water gaps and some rock to deal with.


Big Easy Ranch Goes Heavy Metal – Columbus, TX
It’s been a big year at the Big Easy Ranch! Big Easy Ranch in Columbus, TX is a professional hunting preserve dedicated to personalized experiences with upland birds, fishing, whitetail, and exotic hunts. The ranch, a little over an hour and a half from either Austin or Houston, is easy to get to and is the perfect place for the passionate hunter or fisherman. The ranch manager, Matthew Jacques, adds a little Louisiana twist to the Lone Star State’s hunting experiences on the Big Easy Ranch. J4 constructed 3,040′ of high fence and 13,250′ of high fence for pens. At the same time, J4 also started on a 9,185 SF slab for a new building. J4 erected the building and finished it out inside, with some additional work planned for existing buildings. Big Easy also has plans for constructing a whitetail deer handling facility with exterior handling pens.

CCR – Curtis River Ranch in Allison, TX
J4 originally met with the ranch manager, Matt Perry, in the Spring of 2009 to discuss the options of installing a high fence on the ranch. At that time, we discussed using used rusty oilfield pipe, clearing methods for loose sand, and a construction timeline to install an 11 to 12 mile project. It was a year later before owner, Joe Curtis, pulled the trigger on the high fence project. We built 11.5 miles of Stay-tite 50 game fence with all galvanized material, added a set of DMP pens, and designed a new breeding pen operation for the ranch. J4 was there to help the CCR with design ideas and pen layout to meet all their ranch goals. The construction went better than expected and the job was completed before scheduled, allowing the ranch to move forward with time sensitive projects and day-to-day ranch operations. There never seems to be enough time to get your projects done. You need J4 Fencing & Services to deliver on time, every time.

Morani River Ranch
Cuatro originally met with the owner, Kevin Reid, and ranch manager, Butch Amlong, at his breeding facility in El Campo, Texas. Cuatro picked up Kevin and Butch at the airport and took them to view his “Total Deer Solutions” facility, where his working barn was about 75% completed.At that time, Morani River Ranch had been darting a large herd of Whitetail deer in their breeding program. This activity is stressful on the deer and can easily lead to sickness or death. After viewing J4’s personal working/breeding facility, Morani River Ranch ordered one of their own. The working facility was built at Morani River Ranch in time to work the fall breeding season in 2009, making them more successful as a major player in the whitetail breeding industry. The ranch successfully worked over 500 heads through the facility the first season (that’s 500 heads worked through 4 times). Morani River Ranch then hired J4 Fencing & Services to build high fence, install custom gateways, and build more exotic breeding pens. With J4 Fencing & Services, you get the total package, built right the first time!

Classic Canyon Ranch
Originally J4 went to the Classic Canyon Breeding operation to look at ways of adding an alley system to an existing set of breeding pens and design it to flow into a deer handling facility. There had been other contractors who looked at the job, but none had the first hand knowledge on how to design it and build it for the size and scope of this whitetail deer herd. J4 provided a turn key barn solutions that was insulated and air conditioned. Built on a slab with drains in the floor the alley chute seamlessly led into the full “Total Deer Solutions” handling facility. The entire project was custom built on site for the Classic Canyon Ranch. After all construction was complete, Cuatro, Joe and J4’s head construction foreman went to the ranch for the first use of the building. J4’s team advised the owner, Mark Doering, and his crew on how to work deer through the facility for the first time. The work went well and the Classic Canyon Ranch was off to a great whitetail breeding season. This project was a great example of how having a contractor that knows the deer business can provide a complete, efficient project while ensuring the safety of the herd. From high fence and breeder pens to a complete stress free working facility, J4 can assist you ranch with their “Total Deer Solutions!” Visit the Classic Canyon Ranch at https://www.facebook.com/classiccanyonranch.

Bayer Crop SBayer Crop Science El Campo, TX
d layout the initial site plans for this property. Throughout the design phase, J4 was on-site to consult on design and on building costs. The design had had numerous multi-use buildings including air conditioned greenhouses, a chemical storage/mixing building, a multi-level office lab complex, an equipment storage building and work shop, and multi-unit housing facilities. J4 helped with the design, construction, and project management for the entire project. Let J4 help you with your projects, whether its a storage shop on the ranch or a custom barn with living quarters, J4 can get it done with class!


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