J4 Fencing & Services LLC is the premier designer of operating farm plans and builder of handling facilities for exotic game, including handling whitetails. Whether its deer or cattle handling facilities that you need, J4 Fencing & Services LLC constructs high-fenced handling barns or pens with alleyways and secure gates that allow for easy herding and minimize injury to animals. Each of our handling facilities are custom designed for your specific stock and business strategies. Depending on your needs, the handling barns can feature separate areas for darting deer, caring for sick or injured animals, artificial insemination of fawns, feeding areas, or areas for release or showcase. There are many aspects that go into the art of handling whitetails or other exotic game species. Designing efficient farm plans and building deer handling facilities that ensure safety and encourage natural behavior is the first and most important step towards success.

J4 Fencing & Services LLC is dedicated to Customer Satisfaction and the Top Notch Results. Therefore, we test every new and existing theory in pen and handling facility design and operation on our own whitetail deer population before implementing them for our clients. We exhaust every possible consideration or circumstance regarding your specific breeding operation and we are capable of tackling any project regardless of size or scale. In addition to having you and your animals’ best interest in mind, top-quality materials and workmanship are applied to every design, at every step, to ensure peace of mind and durability. As our motto states…Build With The Best To Outlast The Rest!

Whether you need cattle handling facilities or handling barns for deer or other species, J4 designs the best farm plans and the most durable high-fenced deer pens in Texas! We also provide consulting services for purchasing breeder bucks, breeder pen management, feeding and handling methods, and much more.

Watch our Videos to see our workers and products in action! J4 Building Solutions LLC also designs and constructs a variety of metal mtructures to complement your ranch, deer breeding operations, or cattle handling facilities. We serve clients all over the United States. Call 979-637-9892 today for your Total Deer Solutions!


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