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Since 2002 J4 Fencing has been the premier fencing company for game fence and cattle fence throughout Texas and the southern United States. We have also built fences in California, New Mexico, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, and Missouri. During this time, J4 has also built chain link security fences for TXDOT, as well as airports, and many private companies. In 2018, J4 brought its fencing expertise to the solar industry, fencing what at the time was the third largest solar farm in the United States, and the biggest in Texas. We have fenced well over 120 miles of solar farm fence in the last three years. J4 has also constructed the security fence for several substations and BESS units. Our experience and knowledge have allowed us to reach production rates over 70,000 feet per month. Building on our background in the ag sector, we have experience constructing fences in many challenging locations and differing terrain. From marshes and bayous on the Texas gulf coast and southern Louisiana, to mountains in Colorado and rock in Missouri. J4 operates a fleet of rock drilling equipment allowing us to tackle any project. Our experienced team is equipped to provide site design, engineering, material procurement and fence installation. We also offer solutions for gate automation as well as clearing services, whether it be hand clearing or light civil work.


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