Using 100% galvanized metal game fencing, J4 Fencing & Services LLC builds a long-lasting high fence that requires little to no maintenance. Rust-free and aesthetically pleasing, the cattle or deer fence will look brand new year after year, making your investment worthwhile! From a 4-ft net wire fencing for livestock to a 10-ft high game fence for exotic game, we can tackle all of your ranch and game fencing needs. Working closely with each customer on the design, purpose, and construction of the fencing, we will make sure your custom high fence meets your needs exactly. high fencing, deer fence, custom fence builderEach high game fence is constructed by driving 100% galvanized metal pipe deep into the ground with a post driver and connected with 8 or 10 ft fixed knot net wire. All brace structures are built using the Pro Fencer Brace System that meets the higher strength requirement of a high fence. J4 Fencing & Services’ crews can perform welding work on fences, as well. Fences are constructed with T-Posts every 20 or 25-ft and pipe line post every 100 or 150-ft. Depending on soil conditions, corners are usually driven 6-ft deep. All pipes have domed caps for safety.

J4 Fencing & Services LLC guarantees customer satisfaction because we use the highest quality products and employ professional, hardworking staff to create the most durable and effective livestock fence or exotic deer fence in Texas! We consider every environmental aspect of your property, as well as the safety of the animals you wish to keep in or out. We can clear the land with dozers before construction, ensuring that the land is well prepared for alterations. We work in a timely, yet safe manner and guarantee a polished finished product with no mess!

Whether you need a high deer fence, a custom security gate for your property, or cattle guards J4 Fencing &high game fence, custom fence builder Services LLC is your one-stop shop for your ranch fencing or high game fence needs. As your Total Deer Solutions, we also design and construct custom breeding pens and handling facilities, provide wildlife and breeding consultation, and we build a diverse line of metal structures to complement your ranch operations.

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